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Our Major Achievements

  • In January this year, when Nifty was at 8000 level, we predicted in our newsletter that the index will reach 9000 soon. Amidst all the confusion and doubts amongst traders and other market participants, our forecast really stood out as it was perfectly accurate
  • In the 2015 edition of our book, we forecasted that pharma shares would be on a roll for the first four months of the year. Looking back, we see that the sector has performed really well, and shares like Cipla and Ranbaxy have given an impressive 30% return within the first three months.
  • In March, we alerted our clients to book profit at 9000 level, as we expected a substantial market correction. Soon enough, every good news, including a rate cut by RBI, faded into nothingness and the market moved as the planets dictated, with the Nifty crashing to levels of 8370.


  • Just recently, in the month of May, when Nifty was struggling at 8000 levels, we predicted that the market will bottom after a short time, and raised our target for Nifty to 8450 by 22nd of May — which it did. Thereafter, we forecasted that from the 24th of May, Nifty will crash to sub-8000 levels. And we all remember that this was proved true, as after the high of 22nd May, Nifty started correcting from May 24th and continued to do so till June 13th.
  • In the 2014 edition of my book, I forecasted a powerful Bull Run in the Indian stock market, with the indices charting historic highs. This was proved true as Nifty climbed from 6000 to the 8600 mark in the year.


  • I also predicted a positive cycle for stocks in the Finance Sector which did incredibly well. My recommended positive and negative days for metals and equities in the 2014 edition performed impressively with a success ratio of over 85%.
  • My predictions for a positive cycle in Shipping and Port stocks are still on a HOLD recommendation till 2017. For instance, stocks in the sector like GPPL have moved from 60-odd levels to 200 and Adani Port has moved from 150 to 350 levels. My recommendations in Banking and Jewellery shares have also performed well. Banks like SBI have moved from 1500 to over 3000, and PC Jewellers, my favourite share of 2014, moved from 90 to 400 within a year’s time frame.


  • In the 2013 edition of my book, I predicted that the Indian stock market would witness a Bull Run, and Nifty’s climb from 5200 to 6400 proved me right. I also forecasted the positive cycle in Crude Oil, which did very well in the first half of 2013 as Crude Oil climbed from 4,800 levels in MCX to 7500 mark in the short period from January to August. 


  • I also forecasted a positive cycle in Metals and Chana in July end. Other predictions that year included positive cycles for TMC, Onion, Natural Gas, Cotton and Chili in the second phase of 2013; and all these counters moved over 15-25% in under a month.