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Special Edition From Himanshu Tiwari on Jupiter & Leo Conjunction

  • Since the last two years, I have been waiting for this dream Jupiter-Leo combination which has the power to make the recent Bull Run, where Nifty raced from 5200 to 9119, look like a trailer. Investors who are lucky enough to get their hands on this book and who follow this planetary prediction will be able to earn massive profits in the coming 20 months.


  • We have written this special book so that every Indian investor can take advantage of this euphoric Bull Run, because once this passes, we most likely won’t see anything like it for many, many years to come.


  • On July 14th, 2015, Jupiter will begin its transit into the Leo house, and it will stay in this position for over a year. This position will favor the stock market and has the potential to drive the most impressive bull cycle in Indian equities in recent times.


  • The planet Jupiter, also known as “Guru”, is considered to be one of the most generous and bountiful planets in astrology. Jupiter is the driving force behind capitalism, profits and rising prices. It directs the world’s financial and banking systems.


  • When this planet’s influence over money, banking and the capital markets is blended with its innate characteristics of abundance, optimism and growth, we believe it will translate into a phenomenal, unparalleled Bull Run in equities!


  • We believe that banks and financial shares will soar to an unbelievable extent in this Bull Run. In fact, astral charts indicate that these shares will be in a raging whirl of appreciation and might even create euphoric bubbles. While the planet Jupiter will favor these shares to the greatest extent, planetary positions favor other sectors like pharmaceutical as well.


  • By the time this book is in the hands of our readers, banking shares will likely be at our desired entry level. Investors should take full position in the predicted stocks for the coming 12 months, as this level will most likely not be seen in PSU Banks and Financial shares again in the coming months.


  • This is the best time to enter these shares, further details of which shall be published in our subsequent newsletters and services.

Well to assume actual price of this book is not possible because you can make millions or save millions by help of this book.

But we offering this book at price of

$50 or Rs 3000 Only