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Gold,Silver & Crude Jumped But Stocks Plunged ! What To do Or What To Not - Financial Astrology 11th August 2015
Tue 11 Aug 2015

Indian Stock Markets Astrological Prediction - Good Morning


Friends yesterday as we have said that we will see a fight between bulls and bears for the session and as per the results markets has shown a sharp plunge in last 30 minutes, well however our numbers did very well because we have said that Nifty will find problems around 8620 level and will find support around 8538 then directly around 8480. Our members made handsome gain by went short in Nifty around 8537 during Intraday. 


Profit outcome - Network 18 recommended last week around 54-55 levels hit a high of 59.50+ in yesterday's session which is almost 10% from our purchase rate.

Yesterday we have submitted our special stock report to our members which is looking very positive according to our indicators.

Nifty Astrological View -

Today is 11th day with destiny number 1 and day number 9 where Moon is situating in Gemini house. Well today we may see some support coming from lower levels because today's numbers are friendly with each others. Friends now a very exciting time is coming for the bulls because now from here any time we can start a journey for upside especially in government sector stocks and index's. This time major concern for the markets are coming from parliament because monsoon session is looking to washout without GST or other important issues but still our planetary signals indicating that markets will over come these all issues or we can say that may be any other government announcement can lead markets into upside directions.


Our positions - And************** Locked****************S Energy......Keep your position in these stocks.


Today Nifty will find supporting numbers around 8470--8452 in downside and will face problems around 8566 then 8620 in upside but still next two sessions are our concern because we may see anything in next two sessions because Moon will join Mars and Sun which are usually not a good companion for each others. My advise you to don't long in bulk quantity at this stage - We will complete our Index buying in three parts - 1st on 13th closing, 2nd on 14th and final on 17th morning. 


Intraday traders can buy Nifty between 8470--8455 with stop loss 8448 for gain of 25-35 points.


My view for Index - I'm very positive for the markets for next 20 days and expecting that Index and our stock should do well but this positive session will take place from 14th August, so still there are two three sessions which can be very volatile or bearish.

Om Namah Shivay

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