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  1. Recently In Month Of May We Predicted Natural Gas Fall Then Rise. Exactly With Over 98% Accuracy. Exact Top Day And Bottom Day Time To Time.
  2. Recently In Month Of MAY We Predicted For Turmeric (3500 In May) Bull Cycle With Target 5000. Now As On July 20 It’s Above 5500.
  3. In Month Of May We Updated Crude Oil Bull Cycle From 4900 To 5500. Then Bear Cycle From 5400 To 4590. Exactly And All Credit Goes To Our Human Resource And TMW Theory.
  4. In Month Of April’12 We Predicted Rise Of USD And Fall Of Rupee Up To 58 Came True
  5. In Month Of May End We Predicted Fall Of Metals….Specially Bullions Gold-Silver.
  6. In Month Of Recent May We Predicted Rise In Agro /Spices/Grains ….And With Time Our Forecast Came True.
  7. In Early Feb We Predicted Rise In Silver/Gold .Which Came True.
  8. In Early January’12 We Predicted Rise In NIFTY……From 4900 To 5500 Came True.
  9. In Jan’2010 We Predicted Multi Fold Rise In Silver/Gold Base Metals. Came True.
  10. In Early 2008 We Predicted Bull Cycle In World Economy ….And S&P 500 Bull Cycle Which Came True With Multifold.
  11. In Late 2006 We Predicted Bearish Cycle In Emerging Markets And Crisis Situations In World Economy Came True.
And Many More Thousands Of Predictions Came True.

Wrong Forecasts

  1. Bull Cycle In Metals & Index’s In Month Of April To Mid May. – Gone Fail.
  2. Bull Cycle In Mentha Oil In Month Of June’12
  3. Bearish Cycle In Leather Stocks In Past Years ….

After all of These, we were able to predict More than 90% Accuracy In Past years.

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