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2013 Edition – Published in December 2012.

  • This Edition were Proven over 80% Accurate in Equity, Commodity and Agro markets.
  • Positive and Negative days Accuracy were proven over 85% accurate. Which were remained unbeatable by rest of world.
  • Two major forecast of Crude oil & Sensex Bull Run forecast also proven right.
  • We predicted Sensex Record High near September End in this book and Sensex made Record high near October end on 30 days different and book appreciated by Many Traders and Investors across the World.
  • Book helped traders a lot in option trading and other instruments too.
  • Our given Soybean and Chana forecast did very well and appreciated by every owner of this book.
  • Gold and Silver Negative days proven over 90% accurate of this book which helped metal traders to make or save lot of money.
  • This book played a masters role in traders trading work and much more which are not possible to update here in few words.

 Rupee 200 or $3 Only